Make your stories pop…

Pardon my glue and paper scraps…

I do a lot of stuff in the world of scrapbooking, photo journaling, documenting life’s big and small moments, however you want to describe.

Documenting Your Memories

I’m also available to scrap for, well, you! 😛  You can call me a professional scrapbooker or scrapper-for-hire.  In plain English (again :P), you love the pretty pages, have a long list (or a short one, who knows) of reasons why you can’t.  Have no fear!  I can do it for you!  I keep my prices reasonable (I’ve done the research) and simple.  I really want to give you a great product and not have your wallet scream at me, that way everybody’s happy.

Long distance is not a problem (just involves shipping)

Prices are applicable for single/double page layouts and entire albums.   Let me work my scrapbooking magic for you!

I do require a startup fee  of $30.00-$50.00 to cover the cost of initial supplies.

For a scrapbook album (including 20 page protectors), the album cost is $15.00-$30.00.

Price per Page (double-page layout is considered two pages) including all embellishments:

  • 6×6              $3.00
  • 8×8              $4.00
  • 12×12          $5.00

A word on Photo Finishing: I work strictly with digital photos.  What I mean is, whether your photos are hard copies or computer files, I will require your photos be in digital format; for a couple reasons.  One, you still have the originals to do with as you wish.  Two, from my experience, older photos tend to show their age, and I consider them too important to be handled by anyone other than family.  Once we discuss the project we can decide the best way for me to get the files (i.e. e-mail, mailed CD, etc.).  Photos  will be printed at a local photo finishing store: 35¢/print, additional for collage prints

check out my About me page for my contact info…

Thank you and happy scrapping!

5 thoughts on “Make your stories pop…

      • Cool! How much would you charge for a 6 page book made all in pastel blues, pinks, and greens, with crosses, baby stuff, little animals, and spring flowers? I have pictures of my goats and sheep I’d like made into an album for the first-ever year of owning these animals. .

      • Okay, I was thinking that since I’ve already go the layout planned, so I’ll go ahead and do this album, but I for my parents” anniversary, I might have you do an album then. And I was wondering, how do you get certified to teach scrapbooking? Do you offer on-line classes?

      • Kind of a tricky question. I’m actually going to get a copy of what a friend submitted to the school district to teach Adult Ed programs. I’m trying to get back on the team for teaching at Michaels, which does actually have a certification process (it’s way easy, just takes some time, but it’s also free). Once you take that you can teach at any Michaels store, BUT, make sure that a store near you actually needs a teacher. The ones by me already had a teacher, so I had to go a little farther to find a store that didn’t.

        And, yeah, wow, okay. I could kinda go on and on a little, so when you e-mail me, we can chat some more 😛

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