About me…

Greetings!  This is my little hidey-hole of the webiverse where I show off my arty adventures!  My name is Tracy and I live on Long Island, NY, USA with my fantasy writer hubby and our munchkin.  I’m a mixed media scrapbooker, art journaler, card and tag enthusiast, and I love inky fingers.  I love getting messy and experimenting, and learning new techniques.  So scrap along with me!

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I hail from Buffalo, NY, so yes I call it “pop” not “soda” and I love loganberry!  My favorite color is yellow, I love all things weird, I’m obsessed with Halloween/Samhain (for you Pagans out there :P) fairies, butterflies, and chocolate.

So shoot me an email at [tracyDOTcarrigATgmailDOTcom] and we can chat!





Happy Scrapping!


You love me!  You really love me!

Thank you to the people who’ve nominated me for these awards (you know who you are ;D)


14 thoughts on “About me…

    • Well, hey, if you have any photos/projects you need help with, I’m here! I’d love to work on anything! Anything you saw you particularly liked?

      We all have talents, yours is writing great romances (I haven’t read Captive for Christmas, but I want to). I actually spent my entire first year of college reading romance novels. I kept a few, but donated most of them to the library. Still they’re fun to read, if well-written. What I’ve read of the Julia and Nicholas story is great stuff.

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