…still kicking…


This art journal spread was a real challenge for me.

kickpants background

I wanted to experiment with repeating one stamp to make a background.  Yeah, I know, simple, and yet I haven’t done it before.

kickpants stamp repeat

Then I drew a blank.  So I took a break.  So when I came back to it, I had a bunch of thoughts about me, life, and everything.  So I journaled about it.

kickpants closeup1

I fully planned on covering it up in some way so you could maybe see words, but I wanted to keep it private. Then I started experimenting again.  I adhered some newpaper with washi tape, tried some doodling, and collaging.

kickpants closeup2

Then I grabbed my paint markers and tried to make that work.  No dice.  So I’m struggling, and grumbling, and I finally decide to take off the newspaper bits.

kickpants closeup4

That revealed the washi tape I’d layered to cover up the writing.  I collaged pieces from a magazine, including a lady figure.

kickpants closeup7

My lady image got a new body which gave her four arms, and the original two grew green tentacle things, maybe to go with her crazy hair (and channeling my inner Dyan Reaveley, hee hee).

kickpants closeup5

PANTS was cut from a magazine then colored and striped, with the background painted black.  And some more doodling.

kickpants closeup3

kickpants closeup6

On to my next spread 🙂 !

Happy scrapping!