…homing in…

…on an old photo.

Sharing this layout from a challenge that I missed, but still very important, and I’m sharing the site anyway.  Lasting Memories had interesting challenges this month since not everyone celebrates Christmas.  Being in a multi-faith home, this really resonated with me.  The first challenge dealt with have a roof over your head, so this is what I scrapped.

“Hello new house”

new home1

This isn’t my original background, but it worked out a lot better once I switched it.  Hubby and I moved back to New York after spending some time in Florida, and the muppet was still a baby, so we have this photo of hubby and monkey in front of our new home (with the in-laws).

new home2

Lots of stuff from my stash, along with my paint pens, pen work, and spray splash.  The photo mat I cut into strips to mimic steps.  ANd most of my embellishments have to do with love, family, being thankful, and saying hello.

new home3

new home4

The brackets are from some old alphas that I colored with my Moonlight pens and then black pen.

Happy scrapping!

…rockin the green…

…headphones, that is…

“Green Headphones”


Entering this for the Citrus Twist Dec. 13 Sketch challenge.  I was in Target, not really looking for them, but finding cheap headphones.  I chose the green (I’m Scotch Irish).  At the time I was working in the city, walking to and from Penn Station to get to my office.  And dealing the street salespeople.

It’s amazing seeing these people dressed for an office but standing in the street, so it’s obvious what they’re up to.  However, I don’t blast my music (hearing problems in the family, too), so I can still hear these people trying to get my attention, calling on my green headphones.  Blargh.


I drew by hand and fussy cut the “GREEN” for part of my title.


That’s a golden doily that I folded in half and sprayed with some Dylusions.  I also used some stickers and stamps from my stash.  A lot of my layers and embellishments deal with the work week (days of the week, “daily grind”), the nature of NYC (the globe), and my feelings about being singled out for my green headphones.  The smiley faces were great!



Happy scrapping!

…ending the year big…

With three (yep, you read right) layouts that I actualy finished earlier this month.

I’ve been quiet (looking for a job is so much fun 😦 blargh), but with one of the blogs I follow ending, and me wanting to do more scrapbooking, I went for it.

“Success at 6”


The weather’s been gray and rainy, which does not make for nice photos.  I took these on my craft table, where the light is bright (if fluorescent).

This is for Scrap Around the World‘s December 2015 (and final) moodboard.


I don’t normally go for glittery stuff, but I had some glitter stars from a past Citrus Twist kit that I thought worked great.  The background is also very different.  This month has had me start background, and try to make them work, and fail (at least for me).  And though December is time for the holidays, we’re multi-faith around here, and I wanted to use non-traditional colors for these photos.

The phrase “the future is bright” really resonated with me for these photos.  We’ve had issues in the past with Santa photos.  As a baby, my little guy was fine, but then he was most certainly not.  He’s also special in his own right, and the past few years I’ve let him watch other kids go up and see Santa before he did so he’d know what to do.  This year we couldn’t do that (they changed the layout at the place we normally go), and he was TOTALLY okay.  I was so proud of him, and not only did he tell Santa what he wanted, he gave him both a high five and a hug.  Fabulous!  I also liked the colors and circle theme, with a touch of glitter 🙂




Happy scrapping!

…catching up…

I’d like to get more active on my blog, for myself and for you lovelies.  A reminder to myself is also my word for this past year, which was: clear.  This also means clearing out my blog drafts, or at least all the ones that have been sitting around.  Starting fresh for the new year, right?

So I realized that in both of these older posts, peek-a-boo and where’s the mail?, I promised to show more photos of these layouts.  And that I never got around to it.  Get ready for some serious scrappy eye candy 😉

First up, “peek-a-boo”


And now, “where’s the mail?”


Happy scrapping!

…getting whimsical this winter…

So I’m taking a couple of online courses, one of which is based off an awesome book I have.  Joanne Sharpe has a terrific book called The Art of Whimisical Lettering, and I’m currently taking her class based off the book.  I don’t necessarily love my own handwriting, but that’s what the class is all about.  You get a composition notebook, glue every 2-3 pages together to make them a little sturdier, add some washi to the edge, and play with your handwriting.

Here’s a shot of my journal, the cover which I finially finished a short while ago:


And here’s my page for one of the first lessons in the online course called “Pump it Up”


Pretty cool, huh?  Do I love it?  Not quite, but it’s a work in progress.

I’m also taking a class by Dawn DeVries Sokol called Winter Wonder Full.  Being in a mult-faith household makes the winter holidays kinda crazy, but this is a great journal for me to document December and the holidays my way.

So these are my inside covers:

A combo of gesso and some Liquitex purple and Grumbacher blue.  I’m using a Canson watercolor spiral journal since it was the closest thing I could find to the journal that Dawn recommends, and since I’m not working, it’s easier than getting all the binding materials.

Anyhoo, I made a calendar page (I don’t celebrate Advent, but a calendar page to keep track of the holidays I do celebrate is very good).


The star is a magazine shape cutout, the black and white check is duck tape, and the tag is an old Jenni Bowlin tag that I covered and then scribbled on with paint pens.  Add some baker’s twine and a little thread, and awesome.  Also stamped some TH stars from his circus collection, and (after I took the photo) a “1” from a Dylusions numbers set.

I was also supposed to make some holiday doodles, and I’m not loving this page, but I’m not that practiced at doodling or I’m my own worst critic 😛


Another assignment was to doodle a menorah (which hubby’s family does celebrate).  Here I used Joanne Sharpe’s Pump it Up technique for my words, though they seem to have a definite Dylusions look, at least in my opinion.


Anyway, thanks for looking and happy scrapping!