…loving the hello hug…

…breaking out some unused stamps 🙂

For this month’s sketch at Kreative Koncepts (formerly Scrapfriends), I mixed some bright-ish colors with pastels and a little neon, as well as some mixed media.  The weather’s been iffy around here, since we’re heading into winter, so I’m trying to capture stuff as best I can.

“my hello hug”

tracy c_scrapmuse_my-hello-hug

First, I want to show you something that made me laugh, and hopefully you’ll get a chuckle.  You’re trying to stick something down and you have to hold it just so, but you’re needed elsewhere?  Well, for me, here was my solution to the problem:

tracy c_scrapmuse_bobby pin fix

That is a bobby pin holding jewelry wire.  I was trying to glue the wire to a certain spot, and used what I had on hand (or in this case, in pocket) to hold it in place while the glue dried 😛  Craftiness or insanity?  You be the judge 🙂

tracy c_scrapmuse_bobby pin fix2

Anyway, on to my layout.  Since I’m coming home later in the day from having to take the train, and little guy still needing to get to bed for school, I’ve been getting welcome hugs and a “Hi, Mommy!” from the monster, who’s been bathed and in his pjs.  I managed to capture a photo of one such hug (so, yeah, a selfie or sorts, but hubby’s busy with the rest of bedtime ritual, so…).

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup11_hello_hug

I used some Glitz Design patterned paper, swiping gesso over the bottom embellished part (I flipped the paper upside down to work for my design and the sketch).  I stamped, painted through stencils, and doddled with black sharpie and paint pen.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup12_hello_hug

I altered some of my embellishments.  A wood clock face and butterfly die-cut.  I used pieces cut from a dried baby wipe and paper towel.  I covered a chipboard frame with washi tape, and a flair badge.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup4_hello_hug

Since I’m walking around the city, I used chipboard squares (a few I cut into smaller pieces) to represent the “pavement” or city streets.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup8_hello_hug

Word stickers and a rub-on, painted Thickers, sequins, a chipboard arrow I cut in half to go through the word “hello” and draw the eye to my photo.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup5_hello_hug

That’s part of a paper border that I cut up and my own doodled letters, as well as a journaling sticker with a just right phrase.  “HUG” is also rub-ons.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup6_hello_hug

I put a bunch of scraps on my table and then put stencils over them and sprayed with different colors.  I keep the colors within the same family so I don’t get mud, and I let everything dry for a full day before I spray again, also so I don’t get mud.  The paper layers are pieces from just that fun.  There’s also a Fancy Pants button from the Be Different collection, and fussy cut squares from a scrap mag freebie (also FP Little Sprouts).  Lots of doodling and Tattered Angels Almost Black splatters, along with the thread and wire frame.

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…putting her own twist…

…on a interesting challenge.


Gauche Alchemy’s November challenge is an inspiration board of art from Gustav Klimt.  My only scrap of knowledge of Gustav Klimt is his painting The Kiss, but I went looking for it after seeing a picture on Pinterest of a couple cosplaying as the painting.  Quick tangent for the un-initiated, cosplaying is dressing up in a character’s costume (as in costume play, or cosplay).  Usually if you’re a comic book or anime/manga fan, you’re well aware of cosplaying (I did, in fact, attend I-Con cosplaying as Robin from Witchhunter Robin).  Plus, the prize is a punchinella pack, and can I just say I’ve drooled over punchinella since I first saw it?  Oh yeah, how I would loooooove some punchinella 😀


So anyway, after musing (sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist) over the moodboard, and viewing shots of his work, trying to get a feel, I knew I wanted to use the repeated appearance of eyes in his work.  An idea came for funky eye flowers, and I’d recently taken a class with Dyan Reaveley (which I cannot recommend enough!  Oh my, did I have fun, and she is an absolute joy as a teacher), so I thought I’d make a little mini canvas.


I’d experimented with some patterned paper and leftover paper tape, and used my HS Teal Color Shine (so there’s my metallic bit).


I also used pattern/shape repetition in a bunch of ways, using stencils, cardstock and paint pens.  I wanted to add some bright colors (cuz I love ’em) and used Dyan’s toadstools stamp (toadstools have spots, mushrooms don’t) and markers.


I like how it turned out, especially because I was trying to think of what the heck I could use this experiment for.  Now it’s funky weird garden a la Alice in Wonderland 🙂

This will be showing up in my Etsy shop at some point soon *wink, wink*

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…dusting off the crayons…

…and colored pencils.

too cute


So I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again.  As of August this year, I got a job in NYC and I live on Long Island.  That means a long-ish commute both ways and a slightly earlier wake-up, so a bit less time at night.  I’ve also tried to explain in detail how I’ve made my layouts, cuz layouts I’ve seen that I love don’t really tell me how they do it.  However, I think that’s where comments can come in.  You ask, and get an answer.  And I do like love comments and questions and in the interest of time, etc., my posts are going to be shorter.  I’ll try to highlight things here and there, but please, by all means, comment and question to your heart’s content! 😀

Now, on to the layout.  I saw this Fancy Pants sketch and thought it’d be great for two random photos of my little guy.


So I had a different plan for this layout, but that’s okay.  I like how it turned out.


I started with FP Me-ology paper ‘Oh Snap’ for my background paper.  I’m always playing with my camera and that includes taking lots of photos of my little monster (most of the time an affectionate term :P).  He got a mini trampoline for his birthday (and no, I can’t play on it, the weight limit is 100 lbs.), which he loves.  A weekend afternoon playing on the trampoline and I luckily capture this moment.  I used gesso, stencils, my Faber Castell crayons and acrylic paint for the background texture.


I matted my photos on pieces of pieces FP Be Different ‘Silly’ and ‘Personality.’ The two large tags are mop up tags.  I added white paint around the photos and stencilled the border frame.  The monster ticket is also from the Be Different collection.



I added paper and fabric tape, part of a Glitz Design journaling card, a bottle cap holding thread and a couple buttons, wood veneer card “love” , ribbons, a mini clothesline pin, some chipboard and a TH painted gear. The “Too” part of the title was drawn on a FP chalkboard tag with a white colored pencil, and filled in with a mint colored pencil from Tombow Soft Brights set (giveaway win, woot!) and cut out.

And, of course, more close-ups.





Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and thanks for visiting.

Happy scrapping!

…in celebration and contemplation…

And so we meet, 35


I do like birthdays.  Traditions in my family have been the birthday person gets to choose dinner (home-cooked or restaurant), and there’s cake and ice cream.  Unless it’s an ice cream cake.  And I’ve had some wicked awesome birthdays.  One of my favorite cakes was a graveyard cake (my birthday’s in October and I LUUUUURVE Halloween/Samhain).  And one of my favorite birthdays was my 20th, when my boyfriend (now-husband) had all my favorite dishes made, along with cake, ice cream, and sparkling cider.


Certain birthdays have definitely gotten my attention, like turning 25 and turning 30.  Life didn’t go exactly as planned (when does it ever, right?), and recent events that have been brewing for awhile seemed to finally come to a bit of a head this time around.  I fell into the melancholoy for a bit, and art journaled about it (I’ll post that soon), and came to a conclusion of sorts.  So this layout is really about the good and the food for thought around my birthday.


I used several stash papers as well as some Amy Tangerine.  My background is several layers.  First is a piece of patterned paper that I gessoed and painted over.  Then I grabbed some FP Me-ology and Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste paper (I’ve seen grid paper all over and I really love it!).  Cutting the FP and AT papers in half, I also cut off blue border around the FP paper, as well as the center graphic (it would be covered by other paper).  Then I adhered my half papers to my gessoed patterned paper and set about continuing the background work.


I took a page out of one of Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday videos and grabbed some mini number stickers.  After putting a bunch of them on, I lightly layered gesso, then applied paint through a stencil.  Lastly I took a small brush and wrote “life” over and over (by the way, I like the graphic, brush script style letters/words too :D).



My four mini photo mat stacks were made with AT and stash papers.  I used my black Sharpie to doodle in spots.


Also featured are an altered chipboard title and round frame, die-cut, fiber, thread, metal lightbulb clip, feathers, sequins, a transparency frame and border sticker, paperclips and a mini clothespin, and part of a PP canvas Halloween border sticker.  My journaling spot is the other half of a Glitz Design journaling card I used on my “Too cute” layout.

And now, some more close-ups 🙂