…getting back on schedule…

…thanks to everyone for their thoughts and sentiments for hubby’s grandmother.  We knew she was nearing her goodbye, but it was still tremendously exhausting.   Oddly enough, my birthday happened a few days before she passed.  One of my presents, from my awesome sister-in-law and her equally awesome boyfriend (whom my son also adores), was a craft store gift card.  Thankfully I’d gotten other birthday money because I definitely went over my limit 😛

You may also remember a post I made aWHILE ago about a scrapbook album I made for Grandma’s 100th birthday.  Soon after her birthday, she suffered a stroke.  In addition to other thing, she needed 24 hour care.  Anyone who has gone through the process of getting help for someone, live-in or otherwise, knows it can be a bit of a process.  Olga was not there from the start, but she was with Grandma the longest, and was wonderful to her.  When Grandma passed, I thought it only fitting that she get a page dedicated to her in the scrapbook.

I did a quick check around an found a sketch that worked well and definitely got inspired by the design team creations, and playing with my new supplies.

Creative Scrappers Sketch # 253


For the layout I used purple, teal, blue, and small touches of green.  The same colors  used in the album, and Grandma’s favorite color is purple.

The background is a base of double-sided patterned paper from an old kit.  Then I applied Adirondack Paint Dauber with a newly acquired Heidi Swapp Honeycomb stencil, as well as shades of blue and purple paint watered down and sprayed to create drips across the layout.  Also sprayed is (also new) Heidi Swapp Color Shine spray in teal.  I also splatted and ripped paint and used a green pigment ink stamp pad on the edges.


i used a large paper doily, some fabric and ribbon, along with some 7Gypsies paper tape that got spattered with the Color Shine mist for a nice dash of color.  I also gessoed and painted a heart pin (it was originaly pink), and combined some flower, brads and buttons.  THis “flower” above is actually cut from patterned paper, with a little mod podge added to the petals for some shine.  The button looked like Chinese lettering, and Grandma (with Grandpa) had traveled all over the world, including southeasern Asia.  I also used an old K&Co. ephemera die-cut vintage hairbrush.  I had a old, large piece of purple vellum, which I sprayed with the teal Color Shine.  Once dry, I traced a rough circle on the other side and cut it out, adhereing it off-center onto the doily.


I layered some patterned papers, stapled more fabric, and a slightlly altered journaling card (to go with my color scheme).


For the title, I used Tim Holtz grungeboard letters, colored with my Faber Castell water-based crayons, then stamped with an asian block clear stamp with black ink.  I also added a tiny vintage bird die-cut and some film strip ribbon (also TH).



RIP Grandma and thanks to Olga for everything she did.

Thanks for looking!

Happy scrapping!


…really loving this album…

that I made for the Punky Scraps August Challenge, which included a color combo and a mood board.  This challenge also came with a twist – use chipboard!


Now my aunt LOVES flamingos (no, she doesn’t have the one on her lawn and no, she’s doesn’t live in the South.)  So hubby and I have gone to a few zoos, some more than once.  I got into the habit of taking a photo or two of any flamingos we saw.  So when I saw the colors, I immediately thought of a mini album of the photos I’ve taken.  Here’s where things get interesting…I’m fairly certain I’ve taken more than the four photos shown here.  However, being that a lot of hubby and I’s stuff is packed up, including most of our hard copy photos, I could only find four.  But, no matter!


I grabbed stuff from my stash in the color combo, and also went along with the mood board.  To make the album, which is about 4″ square, I folded my patterned paper and used my trimmer to make the two page layout base.  Folded them in half, applied gesso and purple glitter glue in different patterns and spots, the used my paper piercer and a needle threader to poke 3 sets of holes and thread baker’s twine through.  I also added a  Hambly clear border sticker to random sides of the page break for another accent (inspired by this album made by Riikka).


So in addition to my chipboard pieces (the green flower in this photo), I also used washi tape, patterned paper, some die-cuts, baker’s twine, ribbon, clear border stickers…


alpha stickers, pieces I cut from a teal knit doily (it’s peeking out from the left side of the photo)….



tags, a photo frame sticker, and embroidery thread, (that’s a raw chipboard flower that I colored with craft marker in the lower right corner), part of a fabric swatch (on the cover), a metal American Crafts button (also on the cover), and a paper doily.


I really loved making this album!  Hope my aunt likes it just as much!

Happy scrapping!

…showing a blast from the (slight) past…

So an awesome best friend of mine got married a few years ago, and I came up with an idea the night of the bachelorette party to put together a photo/scrapbook album of sorts for her.  The main reason being we had blindfolded the bride-to-be, so she had no idea where we were going, and the antics along the way.  So I put this together in about a month or so.  Several of the pages are layouts scraplifted from scrapbooking magazines (one or two from the UK), so I do not have copyright claim to them.

Our group is big into magic, fairies, and the like, so among other things, we made her a set of fairy wings instead of a hat at the bridal shower.

**Warning:  There is a small amount of sexual language/innuendo.  Might want to make sure the little ones don’t see.

100_6394  100_6395

100_6396  100_6397

100_6398 100_6399



100_6402 100_6404 100_6405

100_6406   100_6407

100_6408 100_6410

100_6411 100_6412

100_6413 100_6414


Comments welcome!  Thanks for looking!

Happy scrapping!

…confuzzled and a little unhappy…

…I know I just posted that I was happy and now I’m not.  So what gives?  Well, it’s a dreaded topic, but here it is: money.

You know the green stuff that has value and allows us to get what we need (hopefully).  My job situation is been a roller-coaster lately, with the current events leading to me being out of work (again), temping, and looking for a permanent, full-time spot somewhere I can actually stay.

Along with that very not fun ride is health insurance and the lack of cash inflow, so to speak.  Which brings me to my blog here.  Now everyone would love to make money doing what they love.  And many are, or they’re doing two, or three things they love, and are making various amounts of money at it.  Now would I love to make a living off scrapbooking, papercrafting and the like?  Of course.  It’s not why I started scrapbooking, but it’s evolved into a hobby/hopeful-really-trying-to-make-it side business.

So I’m a consultant for Memory Works, and I really do like their products.  I’ve also gotten compliments on my work and would love to scrap for other people.  This blog is part of that effort.  I don’t have advertising or marketing skills like the pros.  I don’t want to be a pushy salesperson who you’d rather kick out your front door before giving them the time of day.  And I’ve gotten compliments from friends, family, and complete strangers (comments on this blog).  And I’m thankful for them.

But I would love, love, love to have actual people (not the crappy spam stuff) e-mail me and ask for supplies, or help with a scrapbook album for a friends/co-worker/relative, because, as I said, I’d be doing something I love and making money at it.

I don’t like doing posts about the business end, so to speak, because I can just see eyes wandering away or glazing over.  And partially, I needed to vent.  That being said, money is tight, so if you could throw some help my way in the realm of scrapbooking/papercrafting, I’d be much appreciative.

Happy scrapping!

…revisiting a previous topic…

…the question of redoing a layout that you might not like or certain situations have changed.

So I asked your opinion on redoing a layout.  I “improved” a layout I did for my younger sister’s graduation from college.  The original layout pictures are missing, but I remember what I did, and what I was trying to do.  Didn’t quite work.

So I saved two of the pictures (just got rid of one featuring her at-the-time-fiancee-now-ex-husband) and started almost from scratch.

Here’s the new and improved…and while you don’t know what the original look like, I’d still like your opinion on the new and improved lo…



100_6048 100_6049 100_6047 100_6051 100_6052

A little background: my sister graduated from UCF.  Their school colors are black and gold and their mascot is the knight, as in UCF Knights.  I tried to stick to those colors as much as possible, adding in tan, white, or yellow when necessary.

Supplies include:

Once Upon a Time paper pack – knight paper

Pink Paislee Honey Bee patterned paper

K&Co. chipboard letters

Large chipboard letter: “R” in title

Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type letter stickers: “new”, “2007” “REASONS TO SMILE”

Bling: rhinestone swirl, yellow gem flower centers

Simple Stories Destinations: ticket and “GRAD” alpha stickers

Avery: journaling tag

Flower: various patterned papers and die-cut from a card I received

Buttons, black acrylic paint, dimensional adhesive, copper glitter glue

Tsukineko Gold pigment ink

7Gypsies fabric tape

So what do you think? Questions? Comments?

Happy scrapping!

cold, tired, and inspired…

cold because we got hit with snow, and while I’m not complaining (I’m from Buffalo and living in Florida for four years gave me a serious jonesing for winter snow), I don’t like being cold…

tired because the apple my son partially ate yesterday disagreed with him and decided to log it’s argument at 12:30 in the morning.  We had to change his pajamas and the bed sheet twice and clean his blankie, which he would not go back to sleep without, so after everything was said and done, we all got to sleep around 1:30/2 o’clock in the morning…

inspired because even though it’s February (and no me and hubby are just fine, I just don’t like pink, or diamonds, or all the jewelry commercials for said jewelry that have totally outrageously astronomical prices), I found a scrapbook challenge that I actually want to do!  It’s from another blog I follow by a wonderful photographer and artsy, wicked cool scrapbooker who’s a Design Team member for another blog.  Aaaaanyway…the color scheme chosen for this month has no pink!  and the red is more or a maroon/red-brown.  And so I’m going to do a layout featuring my husband and a very good friend of ours who has impacted our lives and who is like family, so Greg, that upcoming post will be for you!

For now, please enjoy some delightful goodies from memory Works.  I haven’t posted anything from them recently, and show you all some scrapbooking link love…

First off…The February Express Kit “Fanciful”


Next, for those who want to throw a party, a class, or just have a big group that would love to order stuff…MW Hostess Incentive for this month…


And finally, for those who aren’t fans of winter, a little spring sunshine from My Mind’s Eye…


my eye’s been caught by Notable and Remarkable…how bout you?

As always, thank you so much for coming to see me, feel free to comment, and happy scrapping!


…So I’m not at the computer that has access to the photos, and for that I’m sorry.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff regarding scrapbooking.  One topic I’ve only read little snippets about is something that may sound silly, but it comes up for just about every scrapbooker.

That topic is:  redoing a layout.  Now I’ve read that you should change a layout once it’s done, unless you think it’s unfinished and needs a little something extra.  Well, I kinda bent/broke this rule with only one layout thus far.  I made (a few years ago) a layout celebrating my sister’s graduation from college.  After it was finished I had a few problems with it.

I had tried to edge the journaling tag in chalk ink, but I had nothing to make the ink stick, so it always got on my fingers and the page protector, not to mention the rest of the layout.  And while some of my design ideas weren’t bad, the layout just didn’t work for me, but at the time I was proud of it.  One problem cropped up later: one photo featured my sister and her then-fiance-now-ex-husband.  I didn’t want that.

So I “improved it”.  Saved the other two photos of only my sister.  And started from scratch.  And of course the layout didn’t quite happen the way I thought it would, but I’ve learned a lot about scrapbooking and my own creativity.  So the new and improved version will be getting a wonderful photo taken of it for my album and the original sent to my sister to frame. 🙂