…loving the hello hug…

…breaking out some unused stamps 🙂

For this month’s sketch at Kreative Koncepts (formerly Scrapfriends), I mixed some bright-ish colors with pastels and a little neon, as well as some mixed media.  The weather’s been iffy around here, since we’re heading into winter, so I’m trying to capture stuff as best I can.

“my hello hug”

tracy c_scrapmuse_my-hello-hug

First, I want to show you something that made me laugh, and hopefully you’ll get a chuckle.  You’re trying to stick something down and you have to hold it just so, but you’re needed elsewhere?  Well, for me, here was my solution to the problem:

tracy c_scrapmuse_bobby pin fix

That is a bobby pin holding jewelry wire.  I was trying to glue the wire to a certain spot, and used what I had on hand (or in this case, in pocket) to hold it in place while the glue dried 😛  Craftiness or insanity?  You be the judge 🙂

tracy c_scrapmuse_bobby pin fix2

Anyway, on to my layout.  Since I’m coming home later in the day from having to take the train, and little guy still needing to get to bed for school, I’ve been getting welcome hugs and a “Hi, Mommy!” from the monster, who’s been bathed and in his pjs.  I managed to capture a photo of one such hug (so, yeah, a selfie or sorts, but hubby’s busy with the rest of bedtime ritual, so…).

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup11_hello_hug

I used some Glitz Design patterned paper, swiping gesso over the bottom embellished part (I flipped the paper upside down to work for my design and the sketch).  I stamped, painted through stencils, and doddled with black sharpie and paint pen.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup12_hello_hug

I altered some of my embellishments.  A wood clock face and butterfly die-cut.  I used pieces cut from a dried baby wipe and paper towel.  I covered a chipboard frame with washi tape, and a flair badge.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup4_hello_hug

Since I’m walking around the city, I used chipboard squares (a few I cut into smaller pieces) to represent the “pavement” or city streets.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup8_hello_hug

Word stickers and a rub-on, painted Thickers, sequins, a chipboard arrow I cut in half to go through the word “hello” and draw the eye to my photo.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup5_hello_hug

That’s part of a paper border that I cut up and my own doodled letters, as well as a journaling sticker with a just right phrase.  “HUG” is also rub-ons.

tracy c_scrapmuse_closeup6_hello_hug

I put a bunch of scraps on my table and then put stencils over them and sprayed with different colors.  I keep the colors within the same family so I don’t get mud, and I let everything dry for a full day before I spray again, also so I don’t get mud.  The paper layers are pieces from just that fun.  There’s also a Fancy Pants button from the Be Different collection, and fussy cut squares from a scrap mag freebie (also FP Little Sprouts).  Lots of doodling and Tattered Angels Almost Black splatters, along with the thread and wire frame.

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…putting her own twist…

…on a interesting challenge.


Gauche Alchemy’s November challenge is an inspiration board of art from Gustav Klimt.  My only scrap of knowledge of Gustav Klimt is his painting The Kiss, but I went looking for it after seeing a picture on Pinterest of a couple cosplaying as the painting.  Quick tangent for the un-initiated, cosplaying is dressing up in a character’s costume (as in costume play, or cosplay).  Usually if you’re a comic book or anime/manga fan, you’re well aware of cosplaying (I did, in fact, attend I-Con cosplaying as Robin from Witchhunter Robin).  Plus, the prize is a punchinella pack, and can I just say I’ve drooled over punchinella since I first saw it?  Oh yeah, how I would loooooove some punchinella 😀


So anyway, after musing (sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist) over the moodboard, and viewing shots of his work, trying to get a feel, I knew I wanted to use the repeated appearance of eyes in his work.  An idea came for funky eye flowers, and I’d recently taken a class with Dyan Reaveley (which I cannot recommend enough!  Oh my, did I have fun, and she is an absolute joy as a teacher), so I thought I’d make a little mini canvas.


I’d experimented with some patterned paper and leftover paper tape, and used my HS Teal Color Shine (so there’s my metallic bit).


I also used pattern/shape repetition in a bunch of ways, using stencils, cardstock and paint pens.  I wanted to add some bright colors (cuz I love ’em) and used Dyan’s toadstools stamp (toadstools have spots, mushrooms don’t) and markers.


I like how it turned out, especially because I was trying to think of what the heck I could use this experiment for.  Now it’s funky weird garden a la Alice in Wonderland 🙂

This will be showing up in my Etsy shop at some point soon *wink, wink*

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…in love with fairy tales…


…and my dear hubby.  So when I saw the September moodboard at Scrap Around the World, it immediately brought him to mind.

SATW Sept Moodboard

He’s a fabulous (yes, I’m biased, but I’m far from his only fan) fantasy fiction writer, published on Amazon Kindle (Charles E Yallowitz, http://www.legendsofwindemere.com).  He’s been creating stories since he was a kid, and he’s got this amazing creative imagination.  The old tomes made me think of some of his influences, including J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  The exposed gears reminded me of his interesting injection of technology into his world (for anyone who’s read fantasy fiction, technology is not high on the list).  And I don’t do nearly enough scrapping about my hubby, so this was perfect.

I also found this great sketch on Creative Scrappers and thought it’d be awesome.  I’d recently gotten some scrap goodies and wanted to play.

Creative Scrappers 277

I pulled out some old and new goodies for this layout.  I got some new papers from Amy Tangerine and Fancy Pants, as well as tons of other awesomeness.  My initial idea didn’t quite work out as planned, but it’s cool 🙂


First I took some patterned paper I didn’t really like and flipped it to have a blank background to start.  Since my hubby’s a writer, and I had leftover alphas (who doesn’t, right?) I made three columns, the middle with old Thickers and the side with flat alpha stickers.  Then I covered them with gesso and stamped using a large rubber ticket stamp from Unity and Archival black stamp pad.  I gave the background a spritz with Dylusions Calpso Teal and Postbox Red.  Then I pained over the alphas with green, blue, and yellow paint.


Didn’t quite go as planned, since Dylusions is water-reactive and mixed with the paint.  But, no worries.  I thought the background was a little too bright, so I grabbed a Dina Wakeley stencil and gessoed over everything but the painted letters.


After that it was time to start layering.  Patterned paper, a kraft photo frame, other die-cuts and Amy Tangerine embellishments.  I used some older alphas, and a chipboard alpha that I had initially painted, but it was too light, so I wrapped it in washi tape.


I also used washi tape on the sides of a journaling card and painted over the words and added more leftover alphas.  You can see I also added some paint smudges to help tie everything together.


Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!  Feel free to ask any questions! 🙂

…showing another side…

…that’s not always happy.

 I’ve noticed that a lot of scrapbooking, art journaling, mixed media in general tend to have a positive, celebratory vibe.  And I’m not complaining, but my art journal spread this week really evolved from the way it started, as in, not at all.  I also got inspired by the Gauche Alchemy August Moodboard.  I know a little about Frida Kahlo, but I’ll admit I was inspired by the colors.

“I don’t want to be afraid”


I recently saw a YouTube video that showed a way to use up cardstock/patterned paper you don’t like anymore.  So I tried it.  In this case, it was patterned paper that I never really loved in the first place, but it came in a paper pack, so there you go.  I ended up using this scraps of patterned paper to cover the base, but then did my gessoing (is that a word?, meh).  Then I did a base of lemon yellow and vermillion (orange).  I intended it to be more mixed together, but it worked out in the end.  Like I said, even with the moodboard, I had trouble.


I was also working on other projects and added the leftover paint to my spread using stencils and masks (the silhouette is my own – made with clear packing tape and a department store model cutout).  I also used Dylusions Jade through an alphabet stencil before that.


I was thinking about my struggle with postpartum anxiety/OCD and other personal issues intertwined with that.  The black paint around the silhouette seems like the emotions vibrating/radiating from the figure.  The small words are an alpha stamp set, while I doodled in some spots with my black Sharpie.  I wrote the word “afraid” with black paint, then used my white-out pen to bring attention to the word.




Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…playing with new goodies…

So I won a couple of giveaways and also made an order  that came in and was LOADED 😛  So I’m finally using a photo (two copies because I just have to scrap 2+ photos) that I took of my son wrapped in his frog hooded towel after his bath.  The photo is a couple of years old, I think, and it’s a perfect close-up, clear shot of my little monster (affectionate term, honest! – well, usually 🙂  This is my entry for Kreative Koncepts Sketch Challenge 28

“That’s the ticket”


and here’s the sketch:


Definitely a mix of old and new.  First off, the really like this paper, the whimsical doodling rocks, and the reverse side is the same design with the colors reversed.  It’s from a manufacturer that I don’t really go for usually, but this caught my attention and I grabbed two sheets 🙂


I stared by doing some mixed media.  Dylusions sprays and then paint through stencils.  I made sure to try to keep the stenciled designs in a contrasting color to let them shine.  Then i added several strips of old and new washi tape.  After I put down some of the tape, I decided I wanted to put some more down under the photo.  Problem: I’d already glued it down and added gesso around the edges.  So what’s a girl to do?  I pulled out my self-healing craft mat, Fiskars multi-tool (include an exacto blade) and cut somewhat widely around the entire area.  Now I had to figure out what to stick the tape too.  Enter heavy duty patterned paper that I didn’t love anymore.  It happened to have the same shades as my layout.  I glued the larger part of my layout down, leaving the hole for the photo spot.  Added some foam adhesive and it’s good!


I was trying to figure out the hexagons.  I don’t have those, and I could have cut some from patterned paper, and at some point I might do that just for the future, but I had some patterned paper with tickets lined up.  An idea was brewing.


I fussy cut the tickets, covered them in gesso, then using my HS honeycomb stencil, I sprayed Dylusions Cut Grass, Calypso Teal, and a mix of Lemon Zest and Postbox Red (to make orange), making sure each layer dried before spraying the next and shifting the stencil between colors.


Then I took an alphabet stencil (dollar store buy, three in a pack) and used my Tattered Angels Almost Black.  After that came time to play with a new stencil and medium.  Dina Wakley’s Plastic Canvas (I attended her class at Scrapper’s Playground, Woot!) and modeling paste were applied to the tickets.  When the paste was finally dry, I determined where they were going to go on my layout (approximately) and drew pencil lines on those tucked under a layer so I knew where not to add stuff.  Then I broke out my mini alpha stickers and some graffiti-esque rub-ons and went to town with phrases, etc.  I lastly added a black border with my sharpie.


I made my own “flair” from some gelli-printed paper and a chipboard star.  I also used some other scraps (the black and white paper on the right actually says “freeze frame”, and I played with a piece of orange cardstock.  I open sprayed it (no stencil/mask/anything) with Dylusions Postbox Red.  Then I added some blue paint through my DW Plastic Canvas stencil.  After that was my HS chevron stencil and black paint.  Then I decided to use my postage stamp border punch on one edge.  I really liked it, but didn’t want to use the whole thing, so i cut off a small piece and still have the rest to play with.


I also added other stash stuff.  A feather, chipboard bracket (I love brackets!), an Amy Tangerine frame, some older Fancy Pants die-cuts, as well as black thread to help anchor the tickets and triangles.  The title is alpha stamps and Colorbox pigment ink in orange and blue and larger blue alpha stickers.


Whew!!  Check out the Kreative Koncepts blog for tons of eye candy and great tutorials!

P.S. I’m thinking of changing my blog theme to either a dark pattern or lighter color scheme, for ease of read, etc.  Any thoughts?

P.P.S.  I tell all the details of my work because I like to know how people make stuff.  I’m debating cutting down on the how-to in some way.  Do you like the tell-all details of my crafty ways or simple is better and you can comment and ask me?

As always, thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…trying new things with SDC 159…

…and liking the outcome so far.

First off, I will say this – I’m not a bow person.  I’m not a pink, frilly, glitter person.  I’ll add touches here and there, but I won’t go crazy.  So for the current Stampotique Designer’s Challenge is bows.  Yeah, I saw that and I’m thinking, what the heck can I make?  Granted I’ve got loads of ribbon and fabric, but I was stumped for a little bit.

Then I saw the first project by Gay Peplow, and loved it!  Not only did it inspire me for the album I’m making for some friends, but the laced ribbon also reminded me that a bow comes in many different forms.

I’m experimenting with different sizes.  I’ve done layouts, cards, started delving into tags, and now ATCs.  I was making a canvas and had paint leftover, so onto a couple ATCs.  Here’s the one I’m entering into this challenge:

“All Sunshine and Happiness” (and a bit of snark :P)


I started with some patterned paper I didn’t like and turned it over and covered it in the fabulous blue.  I also did some swipes/mark making with a deep orange, some neon yellow (they look green, which is fine) splatters, black paint through a HS honeycomb stencil and some doodling with black sharpie and white-out pen.  I’m not a huge flower person, but this is a funky, different sort of flower.  The flower bud is a pattern block stamp with black pen doodling around it (leftover from a previous project that was never used).  I added the alpha stickers and colored them orange, and outlined them with my white gelly roll pen.  The “sunshine and happiness” are from a stamp set that I stamped onto white cardstock (after checking it would fit) and cut it out, then doodled around the frame.  I also used my super fine point black Copic pen for the doodling.  For the lacing, I used one of the strings that come on those manila office tags, used my hole-punch, and laced it through.


This will also be up for sale in my Etsy shop soon, so check it out!

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

…wondering where July went!

So in my family, April to July is a pretty crazy time.  Between holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, it’s a wonder anything else gets done.  Which is why I’ve been quiet and have this one post to show for my efforts.  I made a chipboard scrapbook album for a fabulous friend featuring photos from her bridal shower and bachelorette party.  I’m now in the process of making an album for the friends’ wedding and honeymoon.

“Sealed with a kiss”


I’m really glad that this fits into a lot of different challenges this month, since this is all the work I have to show (again, life craziness got in the way).  The sketch for my layout is from Creative Scrappers

Creative Scrappers 273

and the color palette from Kreative Koncepts.

27 living_room_colors2

The wedding color scheme was teal and purple, so the color palette just sang to me. I also really wanted to make something for the July moodboard from Scrap Around the World, pictured below.


The colors, and especially the top right block and the quote, seemed very wedding appropriate, as did the rest of the blocks, either literally or figuratively.

I’m also entering this in these challenges:

Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge – Anything Goes

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge – J is for…

The letter J stands for a few things for my entry.  First off, the first names of the bride and groom begin with the letter J.  There’s also the jewel tones of the color palette.  I’d also say it stands for the joy of their wedding day.


I combined two dark patterned papers to make the background, swirled lines of black and purple glitter glue, then used gesso, paint swipes and Dylusions spray drips to cover the seam.  The purple heart is a hand-drawn heart cut out of 7Gypsies paper and painted with a combination of gel medium and Dina Wakley’s Blackberry Violet paint (I swear it smells like grape! :P), courtesy of a tutorial  from Miae Rowe on the TCW blog.  The other heart is also hand-drawn on deli paper, and was actually a cast-off bit.  I’d used purple paint through a Prima stencil (raindrops), then used the stencil with white paint on a background paper.  I pressed the remainder onto the deli paper and loved it!  So I cut out a heart and inked the edges with my Black Coal Ink Edger from Ingvild Bolme.  The chevrons are a gelli print stamped with the phrase “Say Cheese!” from a Mama-razzi stamp set (Bo Bunny).


My original background was different patterned patterned paper, that I’d played with, and played some more.  It started out as a lightish distressed teal/blue with vintage script written over it.  First I scraped some paint across using an old credit card.  I also added pieces of Magic Mesh silver mesh and some really garish ribbon that I was going to gesso over anyway.  After the gesso, I sprayed Dylusions Calypso Teal and Crushed Grape to get the jewel tones.  But I wasn’t extremely happy with it.  So I cut it up, thinking I might layer the pieces under my photos.  Still didn’t work.  Then I broke out some stamps.  At first I used my purple and blue dye ink cubes, but switched to my Archival Black stamp pad (love this!).  I used a Time Holtz Stampers Anonymous butterfly and harlequin stamp and some Inkadinkado circle stamps. The colored images I outlined with a black pen.  Then I cut them up even more, but first I drew shapes.  Mostly hearts (very Stampotique-esque, but drawn by me), and some clouds.  I cut these out and noticed that one line made a nice pointy border.  Delicious!


So I set about putting my layout together with the prep work done, whew!  I combined my two heart shapes with some other patterned papers, and added “LOVE” in rub-ons on the largest piece.  Oh, almost forgot the circle shape!  This was an experiment.  I took gold-printed vellum and flipped it over.  First I gelli-printed onto it, didn’t love it.  Then I sprayed some Tattered Angels and dried it, really not loving it.  Then I took my TCW mini numbers stencil and sponged blue paint over it.  Much better!  I had mixed some homemade texture paste with some purple paint and had some leftover, so I grabbed the TCW Ronda Palazzari well-rounded stencil and smooshed the paste through one part of it a few times on the vellum.  Beautiful!


So I layered all my papers, glued them down with fabric glue (it sticks so well!) and some pop-up adhesive.  I added lots of bits after.  I added the hearts and chevrons, the zigzag border strip, some Amy Tangerine die-cuts, some stamping, thread, sequins, a touch of washi tape, and did my journaling.  I used Cosmos Cricket mini alphas for the title words on the photos, along with a TH Distress Marker.



Thank you so much for looking!  Feel free to leave comments and happy scrapping!

…playing with words…

…with one last project for the month.

“At the Corner of Curls and Waves”


I’m entering this in a bunch of challenges.  First off is Scrap Around the World’s moodboard

SATW 6 2014 JUNE 2014 SATW

and two sketches:  Creative Scrappers #271 and  from the June sketch from My Mind’s Eye

MME June Sketch

The sketch from Creative Scrappers is relatively simple, so I thought it worked.  Just flipped both sketches to the right and bingo!  Shopping Our Stash’s current challenge is Color My World, in which you use your favorite color.  Well, for me, that’s yellow, hands down.  And it fits right into the moodboard for Scrap Aroud the World, so, fabulous!  Lastly, Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge is Anything Goes, featuring anything American Crafts.


I love Amy Tangerine’s products, if I could have them all, I would! 😛  Anyway, I used an Amy Tangerine tag for my journaling, along with some frames I cut from my Amy Tangerine 6X6 paper pad.  I also die-cut the “@” sign and brackets around “and” from the same paper pad.  For the My Mind’s Eye challenge, I used a black flocked chipboard alpha set for the word “waves”.  Scrap Around the World’s moodboard also caught my eye in other ways besides the color scheme.  I loved the striped straws, so I rolled up a piece of laser cut paper and sprayed the white side with my Color Shine Mustard spray.  I also rolled up a piece of black with silver stars patterned paper.  The stripes made me think of baker’s twine, which I added to my page in a couple pages.


The word LOVE also inspired the layout in general, and comes into play with the title.  I’ve struggled for years with my hair, being told it was wavy, but not really know how to bring the waves out.  I’ve done some research recently and been able to keep my hair healthy while bringing the curly waves out.  Which also explains the title, partially.  For a weird (or maybe not so weird) reason, I had the phrase “curds and whey” in my head, and simply changed the words to “curls and waves.”  My hair is just shy of being actually curly, so it seemed to fit.


For the background, I took the background paper and brushed on a combination of gesso and yellow acrylic paint.  I also used gesso with my new Balzer Punchinella stencil and TCW numbers stencil, as well as the two stars in the bottom left corner.  I also used the same Color Shine spray along with my Tattered Angels Almost Black spray and my chevron stencil.  I also added some splatters of my Color Shine spray.  Then I added some paper tape (Bella Blvd. and Tim Holtz) and staples/glued different pieces to the page.  Embroidery thread, patterned paper scraps, die-cuts (Amy Tangerine, etc.).  I used some fabric glue in a beer bottle cap (cleaned first) and added thread and several beads of different sizes and used that for the “o” in “of.”  The “F” is a metal letter tile that I filled in with a white-out pen, which I also used to doodle on the paper in spots and outline “waves.”  I used a tiny spinner from Tim Holtz Ideaology, some ribbons (American Crafts) and fibers from my stash, sequins and buttons (don’t remember).  I used a camera sticker, cut out a compass from a transparent frame, and added the “@” sign die-cut.


I also added some brads from my stash and a yellow bead from a dollar store buy.

And some more close up shots.



Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!

…having fun playing…

…with the moodboard for Scrap Around the World, again.

Dress Diaper


Yes, that’s my little guy from his first birthday.  We had a birthday onesie, but we also bought into the marketing ploy of the denim diapers.  We only got one pack, but they were pretty cool.  And little guy did look adorable.

The moodboard has a lot of things that got my juices flowing.  The grid, the colors, string, even a little sparkle.


My background started as white cardstock and half a sheet of patterned paper.  I glued the patterned paper, but left the edges unglued to add a little demension.  I also distressed the edges.  Then I took out my paints and did a watercolor background with my Adirondack Paint Dabber in Pool, pale yellow, and orange.  I also did a pencil doodle grid over the whole background.  I took my TCW Mini Bricks stencil and stenciled with a blue Zig marker and ultra fine tip black Copic pen.


I used chipboard, die-cuts made from my stencils, some Amy Tangerine die-cuts, various patterned papers, as well as Distress Stickles in Frayed Burlap and sequins.  I took Pebbles Inc. currogated cardboard letters and painted them yellow, then added a touch of Distress Stickles, along with smearing them on a blue grid circle cut from some Amy Tangerine paper.  I also used a die-cut sticker from Simple Stories Documented, and  and pounced gesso inside the circle.


I used the chicken wire stamp with yellow dye ink on some pale yellow patterened paper, then used rub-on black letters to spell “diaper.”  I ripped out the word, then doodled a frame.  The stamp embellishment is a stamp sticker with teal ribbon glued to it with fabric glue.  Then I wrapped orange baker’s twine around the top  and attached a couple sequins.


The cloth brad is actually a button the I put score tape on, then wound green baker’s twine around it.  A cute way to make a fabric brad, if I do say so, myself.

Enjoy and happy scrapping!

…being brave…

…so I’m celebrating with my first art journal page/post.  I’m also entering this in a challenge or two 🙂


This is a composition notebook that I decided to make into an art journal.  The cover is still a work in progress.  This page had a bunch of stuff on it from previous projects.  Paint, vellum and paper scraps, a couple flowers, etc.  I didn’t love the color, so I gessoed over it.  Then I grabbed my Tim Holtz Distress Paint in Barn Door and edged the page and filled in the page a bit.  Then I took my red craft paint and covered the rest of the page.


I got out my TCW Mini Bricks stencil my yellow craft paint and a makeup sponge and “pounced” the paint through the stencil.  I also pressed the reverse image from the leftover paint in a few spots as well.  I also used one of my favorite stamping techniques, bubble wrap, this time with yellow paint 😛  I also used a found object (bottle cap) and stamped yellow circles in a few spots.  Then I wrote my actual journaling.  I didn’t mind that it might get covered up.  I started out writing upside down, then turned the page around the wrote a couple other directions as well.


Then I broke out my Prima Peacock Mask and Adirondack Pool Paint Dabber and painted a peacock feather across the bottom of my page (I LOVE feathers).  I moved the stencil slightly, then sprayed my Heidi Swapp Teal Color Shine spray, which was alright.  I grabbed my black paint used it with my homemade styrofoam stencil (I’ll post that later) of rough triangles, my Heidi Swapp Honeycomb stencil, and Heidi Swapp Chevron stencil.  I attempted to to stamp using the journey phrase stamp from my Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Visual Artistry Lost and Found Stamp Set and yellow paint, and it kinda worked, but I really wanted the phrase to be seen and legible.  So I grabbed my Ranger Archival Jet Black Stamp Pad and inked up the stamp (after cleaning the paint off) and stamped the message onto the page.


 I took a road sign sticker and stick it on some patterned paper, then cut it out, to make a mask.  I placed it paper side up on the corner of my page and used black paint.  I had planned on adhering the cut-out after masking it, but decided to leave the mask as it was.


I’ve been loving the brush stroke script writing, but did the brush stroke with print lettering, and wrote “brave,” and after the black paint was dry, I accented it with teal and yellow.  A little outlining with my white gel pen, and I called it done.

I’ve seen the OLW challenges, and lots of people chose (at the beginning of the year, yes, I know) a word for the year.  I realized over the course of the past several weeks, I’ve had the song Brave by Sara Bareilles stuck in my head.  So I decided that’s my word for the year, and thought that it’d be a great first page/spread in my art journal.  Especially since I’ve been playing around in my journal without making any real pages.

I’m entering these challenges:

Simon Says Stamp – Vacation/Travel (road sign mask)

Scrap Around the World May Moodboard