…ending the year big…

With three (yep, you read right) layouts that I actualy finished earlier this month.

I’ve been quiet (looking for a job is so much fun 😦 blargh), but with one of the blogs I follow ending, and me wanting to do more scrapbooking, I went for it.

“Success at 6”


The weather’s been gray and rainy, which does not make for nice photos.  I took these on my craft table, where the light is bright (if fluorescent).

This is for Scrap Around the World‘s December 2015 (and final) moodboard.


I don’t normally go for glittery stuff, but I had some glitter stars from a past Citrus Twist kit that I thought worked great.  The background is also very different.  This month has had me start background, and try to make them work, and fail (at least for me).  And though December is time for the holidays, we’re multi-faith around here, and I wanted to use non-traditional colors for these photos.

The phrase “the future is bright” really resonated with me for these photos.  We’ve had issues in the past with Santa photos.  As a baby, my little guy was fine, but then he was most certainly not.  He’s also special in his own right, and the past few years I’ve let him watch other kids go up and see Santa before he did so he’d know what to do.  This year we couldn’t do that (they changed the layout at the place we normally go), and he was TOTALLY okay.  I was so proud of him, and not only did he tell Santa what he wanted, he gave him both a high five and a hug.  Fabulous!  I also liked the colors and circle theme, with a touch of glitter 🙂




Happy scrapping!

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