…even creative while sick…

…yeah, I was nursing my poor hubby with his flu, and though I got my flu shot, I seem to be one of those people that if they get even a whiff of a cold, I get hit with bronchitis.  I won’t bore you or gross you out too much, but take a cold with a stuffy nose and add the stuffiness to your lungs as well, complete with a smoker’s cough.  Not fun.

But, as I said, I have been busy creating stuff.  Card mostly, but I’m going to be doing some layouts soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to share two cards with you, my lovely readers and scrapbook junkies 🙂


Yes, I know it’s winter holiday themed, and I hate the Christmas stuff being out way too soon myself, but I wanted to make some for the upcoming season.  So here’s one that I made with a white cardstock base, a couple different patterned papers that I distressed and inked/gessoed; the music paper is way old!  Come to think of it, so is that semi-circle piece peeking out from under my tag, though not quite as old.


I also had some older winter-themed stickers and chipboard that I really wanted to use.  I used a black American Crafts pen on the edge of the chipboard teal bow, and gesso on the ornament.


I also had some hexagons I had cut out, added the letters too, and gessoed the edge of the letters and hexagon, but didn’t like that, so I added gesso to the rest of the hexagon surface.  I had some leftover burgundy paint, which I added to the edges.  Much better!  I added a couple buttons with baker’s twine centers, and some light-grey thread, along with a leftover scrap of blue ribbon with gesso splatters and bakers’s twine, and called it done!


Originally I had three hexagons, but I couldn’t fine the third.  Course, when I cleaned up, I found it (*headsmack*).  Oh well, the card works without it.

As I mentioned earlier, this card is posted to my Etsy shop.  Feel free to pin it, post it on FB or Twitter, and show me some love!  Or, of course, buy it!

Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!


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