Your comments–they are like crack

The title grabbed me and I am with her on this one, I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE comments 😛

readful things blog

What is this? A comment? I am so excited! Does anyone else have an addiction to getting comments on their blog? I swear I do. When I get the little notification thingy that says there is a comment my heart picks up speed with the anticipation.

I have become an addict. I may require treatment. Wondering what someone has to say about something I have posted has driven me to the edge of insanity. it isn’t a bad place you should visit with me. The cocktails are good and come with free, small, white pills. The men with the white coats are also very nice.

Really the only reason I am posting this is because I am hoping you will feed my addiction. I would rather do this than work. I can quit any time though. I promise.

“likes” are wonderful, but comments–oh those devilish little things–they are like water…

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