…looking for advice and info…

I made a post about this before, and while I don’t want to rant, complain, be whiny or anything else, I didn’t get a huge response last time, so I’m going to try again.

I follow several scrapbooking, mixed media, etc. blogs.  I have no idea (for the most part) what any of these people do for money in the daytime.  Some are on Design Teams, though I don’t think they earn any money from it, which is fine.  Some people have been published, again, not sure if they get paid for it, but I doubt it.  Being able to say you’ve been published in a well-known, successful magazine in your industry is awesome enough.

So yes, I’ll say it, I want to make money scrapbooking.  I’m a consultant for a company that sells supplies.  I’ve gotten many compliments on my work, so I figure, hey, I can do this for other people.  However, I don’t know how to bring it up without sounding wishy-washy/uncertain or like a used car saleswoman.  And I don’t want people to shut down in front of me.  I’m even trying to teach classes, but that’s difficult as well.

So what can I do to encourage people to do business with me.  To order products from the company I’m a consultant for.  To ask me to scrap their photos for them.  To want to know how to scrapbook, or even just what it is.

I tried at the local library, and was told that previous attempts bombed.  I get excuses such as:

  • “I just spent a lot of money on [insert item(s)], so I don’t think I should buy anything right now”
  • “I’ve got so much stuff already, I shouldn’t buy anything new”
  • “My schedule is [insert adjective or reason], I wouldn’t be able to take a class”
  • “The classes are expensive”
  • “I get my stuff from [insert store name]”

And there’s been a couple times when I would’ve loved to talk shop, but the timing was inappropriate (compliments on a birthday scrapbook I made for my hubby’s grandmother’s 100th birthday).

I know there are other scrapbooking/stamping companies that do the consultant model and are well-known on various levels.  And the ones I’ve met do a fair amount of business, however, they also hold classes/crops.

So if anyone has advice, ideas, tips, or (yes I’ll say it) orders for supplies or my services as a scrapbooker, I’m all ears.

Thank you and happy scrapping!

3 thoughts on “…looking for advice and info…

  1. I was given a wonderful idea today. I have a niece getting married. Her future mother in law suggested that we somehow have a scrap-book making table rather than a guest book. I’m not sure yet how that would work, but it would be really great if you could connect with a wedding planner or something. I bet you would have some great ideas for something like that.

  2. Have you thought about putting an ad in the newspaper? Or maybe offering to give classes to teachers at your son’s school? How about a scrapbooking party? What about renting a booth at a craft fair or something? Whatever you do, I wish you luck! 🙂

  3. Last night at the clinic while the doctor stitched up my finger, he asked what I did, I simply told him “I’m a photographer”. The nurses both asked as well. And while I didn’t pick up any new clients, it gets easier to answer that question all the time. So you’ve got to put it out there: what you want to do, tell people that’s what you do. There is no such thing as an inappropriate time-just a bad answer. Check this woman out, she’s amazing at helping you do what you want to do! http://www.brandcampblog.com/

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