…showing a blast from the (slight) past…

So an awesome best friend of mine got married a few years ago, and I came up with an idea the night of the bachelorette party to put together a photo/scrapbook album of sorts for her.  The main reason being we had blindfolded the bride-to-be, so she had no idea where we were going, and the antics along the way.  So I put this together in about a month or so.  Several of the pages are layouts scraplifted from scrapbooking magazines (one or two from the UK), so I do not have copyright claim to them.

Our group is big into magic, fairies, and the like, so among other things, we made her a set of fairy wings instead of a hat at the bridal shower.

**Warning:  There is a small amount of sexual language/innuendo.  Might want to make sure the little ones don’t see.

100_6394  100_6395

100_6396  100_6397

100_6398 100_6399



100_6402 100_6404 100_6405

100_6406   100_6407

100_6408 100_6410

100_6411 100_6412

100_6413 100_6414


Comments welcome!  Thanks for looking!

Happy scrapping!


8 thoughts on “…showing a blast from the (slight) past…

    • With the fairy wings, etc., it seemed very fitting. I actually cut the letters from several other pages of the collection and fussed around with them until they spelled out what I wanted. And I was really happy to have the card from the game to add to the album, and I just thought the booklet idea was so cute!

      • That actually a term I had to learn, but it basically means to take a lo (layout) and make it your own. Maybe you change a shape that was used, change the number/orientation of pictures, change the theme (like birthday to every day or whatever). All I ask (and I think anyone who has a layout scraplifted by someone else), is just credit my layout 😀 Oooh, now I really want to see what you come up with.

      • Okay, well, I think I’ll be doing some scraplifting myself! And you bet I’ll credit you!
        As soon as I get the materials I need, I’ll be doing some scrapbooking and taking pictures to post!

      • What materials do you need? Oh, and I’d love to help you with your animal album. I actually got a Mother’s Day gift with some pink tissue paper; and since I don’t use pink in my own stuff, I figure it’ll be perfect for yours! Hit me up an e-mail and we can chat some more! Yay!

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