…confuzzled and a little unhappy…

…I know I just posted that I was happy and now I’m not.  So what gives?  Well, it’s a dreaded topic, but here it is: money.

You know the green stuff that has value and allows us to get what we need (hopefully).  My job situation is been a roller-coaster lately, with the current events leading to me being out of work (again), temping, and looking for a permanent, full-time spot somewhere I can actually stay.

Along with that very not fun ride is health insurance and the lack of cash inflow, so to speak.  Which brings me to my blog here.  Now everyone would love to make money doing what they love.  And many are, or they’re doing two, or three things they love, and are making various amounts of money at it.  Now would I love to make a living off scrapbooking, papercrafting and the like?  Of course.  It’s not why I started scrapbooking, but it’s evolved into a hobby/hopeful-really-trying-to-make-it side business.

So I’m a consultant for Memory Works, and I really do like their products.  I’ve also gotten compliments on my work and would love to scrap for other people.  This blog is part of that effort.  I don’t have advertising or marketing skills like the pros.  I don’t want to be a pushy salesperson who you’d rather kick out your front door before giving them the time of day.  And I’ve gotten compliments from friends, family, and complete strangers (comments on this blog).  And I’m thankful for them.

But I would love, love, love to have actual people (not the crappy spam stuff) e-mail me and ask for supplies, or help with a scrapbook album for a friends/co-worker/relative, because, as I said, I’d be doing something I love and making money at it.

I don’t like doing posts about the business end, so to speak, because I can just see eyes wandering away or glazing over.  And partially, I needed to vent.  That being said, money is tight, so if you could throw some help my way in the realm of scrapbooking/papercrafting, I’d be much appreciative.

Happy scrapping!


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