…oddly desperate to use all my supplies…

…okay, maybe not all of them, but I have such a stash that I want to do something with.  Mainly because I’m having new product envy.  Strictly speaking I’m not really able to purchase new stuff (having lost my permanent job and now looking for a new one), so I’ve been trying to find challenge blogs (plus I love the inspiration and the, well, challenge :P), and different little projects to make to use what I have.

On this train of thought, I’ve discovered art journaling (and yes, there are challenge blogs for that too! wow :P) and some other names in the scrapbooking industry overseas (mainly Europe).  I’ve added a couple new links to my sidebar.  One for SODAlicious and another for I Like Grey.  Both overseas and both with some fantastic stuff!  Check out their blogs and let me know what you think.

And now, a little teaser, I’ll be posting the sneak peek for the March Express Kit from Memory Works.  You know how some sneak peeks just get you salivating to see the whole thing?  Yeah, this one did that for me…so stay tuned later on 🙂

Happy scrapping!


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