cold, tired, and inspired…

cold because we got hit with snow, and while I’m not complaining (I’m from Buffalo and living in Florida for four years gave me a serious jonesing for winter snow), I don’t like being cold…

tired because the apple my son partially ate yesterday disagreed with him and decided to log it’s argument at 12:30 in the morning.  We had to change his pajamas and the bed sheet twice and clean his blankie, which he would not go back to sleep without, so after everything was said and done, we all got to sleep around 1:30/2 o’clock in the morning…

inspired because even though it’s February (and no me and hubby are just fine, I just don’t like pink, or diamonds, or all the jewelry commercials for said jewelry that have totally outrageously astronomical prices), I found a scrapbook challenge that I actually want to do!  It’s from another blog I follow by a wonderful photographer and artsy, wicked cool scrapbooker who’s a Design Team member for another blog.  Aaaaanyway…the color scheme chosen for this month has no pink!  and the red is more or a maroon/red-brown.  And so I’m going to do a layout featuring my husband and a very good friend of ours who has impacted our lives and who is like family, so Greg, that upcoming post will be for you!

For now, please enjoy some delightful goodies from memory Works.  I haven’t posted anything from them recently, and show you all some scrapbooking link love…

First off…The February Express Kit “Fanciful”


Next, for those who want to throw a party, a class, or just have a big group that would love to order stuff…MW Hostess Incentive for this month…


And finally, for those who aren’t fans of winter, a little spring sunshine from My Mind’s Eye…


my eye’s been caught by Notable and Remarkable…how bout you?

As always, thank you so much for coming to see me, feel free to comment, and happy scrapping!


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