…So I’m not at the computer that has access to the photos, and for that I’m sorry.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff regarding scrapbooking.  One topic I’ve only read little snippets about is something that may sound silly, but it comes up for just about every scrapbooker.

That topic is:  redoing a layout.  Now I’ve read that you should change a layout once it’s done, unless you think it’s unfinished and needs a little something extra.  Well, I kinda bent/broke this rule with only one layout thus far.  I made (a few years ago) a layout celebrating my sister’s graduation from college.  After it was finished I had a few problems with it.

I had tried to edge the journaling tag in chalk ink, but I had nothing to make the ink stick, so it always got on my fingers and the page protector, not to mention the rest of the layout.  And while some of my design ideas weren’t bad, the layout just didn’t work for me, but at the time I was proud of it.  One problem cropped up later: one photo featured my sister and her then-fiance-now-ex-husband.  I didn’t want that.

So I “improved it”.  Saved the other two photos of only my sister.  And started from scratch.  And of course the layout didn’t quite happen the way I thought it would, but I’ve learned a lot about scrapbooking and my own creativity.  So the new and improved version will be getting a wonderful photo taken of it for my album and the original sent to my sister to frame. 🙂



3 thoughts on “…curious

  1. There is never a set rule…just do what you want. But ….lol it’s nice to look back at our messy or weird layouts to see how far we have come since then. I also keep my bad layouts to show my student’s where I started and mistakes I have made to show them how to improve on them.

    Also sometimes the old boyfriend in a pic is fun to look at years later.
    Believe me I made this huge photo gift for my Grandma a few years back for her birthday. It featured all her kids, grandkids and great grand kids. Well now some people had more kids and some people divorced. Yes spouses were in it. SO now it’s kind of an awkward piece…lol. But still at that moment in time that is what was going on, so I am not about to change it.

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