my ScrapMuse is…reeling

reeling from Sandy, also tired, sick, cold..okay, let me back up here.

For those who don’t know or have just found me, I live on Long Island.  I’m going to assume you know about Sandy, which slammed into NJ, NY, and other spots including RI and CT and caused a whole terrible, cold, heaping ton of damage.

I’m okay, family’s okay, house is okay, my office building lost power so I got an impromptu week off.  One bad thing is we’re going on Day 9 without power, though we have  gas and a gas stove, which helps A LITTLE with heating the house and cooking.

Everyone in Long Island, NYC, and New Jersey area are in various states of destruction.  Compared to a lot of people, I’m living in the Ritz.  Some people, a lot of people, have lost EVERYTHING, their homes are GONE.  Many of these people, most of these people have lived in their house for decades.  Some people have lost family.  There’s devastation everywhere to varying degrees, and the weather is cold.

Please, please, please, give whatever you can to help us.  Food, clothing, blankets, money/resources to rebuild.  I’m not downplaying any tragedy or anything other place that needs help, however, we’ve just been added to the list.

So please help, and happy scrapping.


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