my ScrapMuse is…loving

…loving the month, holiday, and birthday spoils.  Yes you heard right, birthday spoils…I was going to make a post on my birthday (October 11), but never got a chance to, so here we are.  What would I like for my birthday?  Well, I plan to order some goodies for myself (I’m allowed, what else is birthday money for :P?)  What’s that you ask?  What do you want for your birthday?  Beautiful words from you…

what do you think of my blog so far?

what do you think of the products so far?  does anything make your scrapbooker or papercrafter heart all aflutter?  is there something you’d like to see?

what keeps you from ordering the products?  what would entice you to order the products?

do you have photos that you’d love to have in a scrapbook album but don’t know where to begin?  what can I say or do to encourage your business?

and, of course, since I’ll be placing an order this month…anyone who would like to add to my order for themselves…by all means, ask 🙂




As I’ve mentioned before, Halloween makes my little phaerygurl heart go aflutter…and this Express Kit is making me give lots of girly squeals.  There’s tulle!  They put tulle in it!  yay!  If you’re interested, drop me a line.  Each kit is $29.95 plus S&H

And with that I will ask for comments and bid you good night!

Happy scrapping!


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