…eager to share a project with you…

I want to try to update this once per week, however, it’s going to be a little crazy sporadic as I get used to the blog and get pictures for you wonderful people to see!  So here’s some pictures from a brag book I made my mother-in-law, featuring pictures of my little guy with different nicknames that have developed for him.

I originally planned for the photos to be B&W and stick with colored papers, etc.  However, the photos ended up being in color, so I flipped it, adding touches of blue and yellow (my hubby’s and my fave color, respectively).  The album is chipboard album from 7Gypsies (I love that company, among others :P).

So here’s the cover, plus the first 4 pages (yeah, I’m a tease, I know :P)   Come back tomorrow for the rest!

Brag Book cover

He is aka (the “aka” is hard to see, but that’s part of the charm I think.)

Brag Book page 1

Sweet *Heart*, I stamped over a chipboard heart to make a mask, and the word “sweet” is a rub-on.

Brag Book page 2

Our Boy; used buttons with fibers for the “O”‘s, stamped the other letters in black cardstock in white pigment ink, and adhered a blue button to the center of the die cut flower and used my white gel pen to cover the extra non-matching color.

Brag Book page 3

Character; Papa’s nickname for the little guy, and he’s wearing his monster hat. I insisted on it and everyone who saw it (he’s grown out of it) loved it. The cricket is a rub-on, while the swirl and letters (three different sets) are stickers.

Brag Book page 4

delicious; one of Nana Cele’s (she’s actually his great-grandma, but we thought that’s a mouthful for a baby, you think?) nicknames; the text is hand-written except for “delicious” which is alphabet stamps with black dye ink.

Happy scrapping!


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