my ScrapMuse is

ready to rock and roll…..hopefully 🙂

So hey there, blogosphere!  And anyone else who wants to hear my ramblings! 🙂  Ramblings will deal primarily with scrapbooking; my hobby, my creative outlet, my obsession.  Think it’s right up there with chocolate, and I am fully admitting my addiction to chocolate :P, just try to find healthy fixes for my chocolate tooth 😛

Anyway, on to scrapbooking.  I discovered it about 7 years ago, and have only looked back once (gasp! some of you might be thinking, you were going to stop?!).  Yes, I was, and the short, short version (kudos to anyone who gets that movie reference) is my personal life was in great upheaval and very few things in my life were safe from my wrath.  Everything has quite settled down by now, to some degree, and I am back with scrapbooking, with a vengeance! 🙂

So I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to scrapbook (anyone who has a hobby/love/obsession in their life will understand my enthusiasm) and to cement that love even more, I became an Independent Consultant for Memory Works.  Memory Works is a direct sales company that, you guessed it, sells scrapbooking supplies.  And not just papers; tons of stuff.  Collections  by designers you read about in the magazines (cuz i have yet to find that stuff in big box craft stores), tools, embellishments, inks….suffice to say, there’s a LOT!  They also have their own line, called Simple Stories, and that line currently has more than 8 12×12 collections, along with a few other collections in smaller sizes.  All the collections coordinate with each other, so you can stick with one line or combine, it’s up to what your muse tells you is right.

In addition to my consultant business, I also provide scrapbooking services for others.  The terms most often are professional scrapbooker or scrapbooker-for-hire.  What it simply means is you like the look of scrapbook pages, but don’t have the time, etc. to get the project done.  So I use your photos and make BEAUTIFUL pages.  Please, feel free to grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat and peruse my gallery.  I’ll mention layouts that use Memory Works supplies, since not all of my projects do (going into scrapbooking stores is dangerous for me 😛 )

Namaste and happy scrapping!


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